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The many hats we wear as busy moms and working women can sometimes be overwhelming. When kids have school, homework, and activities every night, it's hard to put a healthy meal on the table or even to have time for everyone to sit down together and eat as a family.

In 2011, seven of us decided we could help each other in this busy time in our lives.  Each month we gather together for friendship and fun and to exchange meals in order to stock our freezer. By choosing a single recipe and multiplying that times 7 families, we can save money by buying in bulk and save time. 

Freezer cooking has changed the way we put dinner on the table.  

Meet our Freezer Cooking Team:


I am a SAHM of two active boys.  My boys are into every sport possible so evenings are often hectic with running to practice and finishing homework.

What I like best about freezer cooking: 
Having a quick and healthy meal on the table in minutes and very little clean up for our busy nights. The downside is my husband never wants to eat out because he knows we have plenty in the freezer that we can heat and eat.

My favorite meals:


My husband and I often work long hours, but still want to be able to enjoy a home-cooked meal at the end of a busy day. 

What I like best about freezer cooking:
It cuts down substantially on the amount of time I spend  meal planning & grocery shopping, and I enjoy trying new dishes prepared by others.

My favorite meals:


I love being a SAHM to my two boys....and love the days that we can actually stay at home, which seem rare!  We have been making steps toward healthier food choices over the past few years:  limiting red meat and processed foods and increasing whole grains.

What I like best about freezer cooking:
Freezer cooking introduces my family to a lot of new recipes, so we don't get burned out on the handful of old favorites I usually fix.  But my favorite part is the little community we have built around it:  I love the facebook messages and the monthly get-togethers!

My favorite meals:  


I’m a busy working mom, sometimes working 45+ hours a week.  Add in evening work events, sports, homework and basic running of the house and I don’t have much time.  I’d rather spend what time I do have with my family, not in the kitchen.

What I like best about freezer cooking:
Freezer cooking saves time with “cook once, eat twice” (maybe 3 times)!  I always double a recipe when I make it and freeze any left overs.  At my house, if it looks like left overs then nobody wants to eat it.  Pull it out two weeks later and it’s a brand new meal!  My favorite part about belonging to our group is the chance to try new things that get us out of “the usual”.


I am a very busy working mom with a picky husband and two picky boys. We often find ourselves picking up fast food and making unhealthy choices due to our crazy schedules. 

What I like best about freezer cooking:
Freezer cooking provides my family with a variety of meals ready to eat, which helps us eat out less and "meal plan" more effectively.   I enjoy the opportunity to introduce my guys to different types of foods and expand on our usual favorites. 

My favorite meals:


I'm a busy stay at home mom to two active boys, ages 3 and 5. Between therapy, school, sports, and our daily adventures freezer meals has been a life saver. 

What I like best about freezer cooking:
There is always a healthy meal ready to use in my freezer and they are so simple to prepare that even my husband can do, just kidding he's more of a gourmet cook than I am. Freezer meals challenges me to branch out of our normal menu plan and they are all fairly healthy. I love that we get together to exchange meals and socialize every month too.

My favorite meals:

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